• **Please note changes in clearance procedures in EU is resulting in a new customs clearance rate of $265 for all European destinations.**

Los Angeles to Door Europe Via Houston with Full Destination Services
(Via Rotterdam, Netherlands)

All shipments have a minimum of 100 cubic feet. Add on $25 documentation Fee and $265 Customs Clearance fee for all countries.

Mainland Only, No Islands
Ocean Only: $3.50/cubic foot

Below per cubic foot rates are for receiving, loading, ocean freight, port and thc fees, customs clearance and delivery into ground floor residence including unpacking of furniture and carton placement for the following areas.

Country Minimum 100+ CFT 200+ CFT 400+ CFT Destination Notes
Austria$960.00$9.60$9.00 $8.55 Not Mountrain Tops
Belgium$725.00$7.25$6.70 $6.00
Bulgaria$1,910.00$19.10$18.40 $17.00 Sofia
Croatia$1,510.00$15.10$14.40 $13.40 Zagreb
Czech Rep$835.00$8.35$8.00 $6.50
Denmark$835.00$8.35$8.00 $7.30
England$775.00$7.75$7.30 $6.50 via Rotterdam
Estonia$1,910.00$19.10$18.40 $17.00 Talinn
Finland$1,110.00$11.10$10.70 $10.00 Not way up North
France-Paris$725.00$7.25$6.70 $6.00 Paris
France- rest$790.00$7.90$7.35 $6.65 The Rest
Germany$725.00$7.25$6.90 $6.30 All one rate now
Greece 1$1,110.00$11.10$10.70 $9.90 Athens, Thessaloniki & Volos
Greece 2$1,260.00$12.60$12.20 $11.45 Zakynthos, Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Lesbos
Hungary$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.50 Always
Ireland$820.00$8.20$7.90 $7.25 Rep of Ireland, goes via Europe as part of EU
Italy 1$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55 Milan, Turin, Verona, Genoa & Pissa Areas
Italy 2$1,110.00$11.10$10.70 $10.00 Rome, Foggia & Naples
Italy 3$1,650.00$16.50$11.28 $10.55 Sicily
Latvia$1,510.00$15.10$14.40 $13.40 Riga
Lithuania$1,510.00$15.10$14.40 $13.40 Vilnius
Luxembourg$725.00$7.25$6.70 $6.00
Monaco$1,110.00$11.10$10.70 $9.90
Netherlands$725.00$7.25$6.70 $5.50
Norway 1$1,110.00$11.10$10.70 $10.00 Oslo, Stavanger, Frederikstad & Bergen
Norway 2$1,400.00$14.00$12.50 $12.30 Trondheim & Tromso
Poland$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55
Portugal$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55
Romania$1,910.00$19.10$18.40 $17.00 Bucharest, Timisuara & Cluj
Scotland$875.00$8.75$8.15 $7.35 Via Rotterdam
Slovakia$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55 Bratislava
Spain$835.00$8.35$8.05 $7.35
Sweden$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55 Not way up North
Switzerland$960.00$9.60$9.25 $8.55 Not Mountain Tops
Wales$875.00$8.75$8.15 $7.35 Via Rotterdam
Receiving Terminal: Shipping 42006 Remington Ave. Suite 103, CA 92590

Tel: 843 225 7217     Fax: 866 896 1482    Email:  exports@eurousa.us

More information available at www.shipeurousa.com

** No Docs, No load. We require city or area, country, email and EU phone number for all shippers.
Document requirements: Packing list, passport copy, letter from previous employer stating that shipper has resided in USA for past 12 months or a rental agreement or utility bill showing proof. All rates based on mainland areas with normal access for large moving trucks.

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