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Charleston to Door UK. Via Southampton, England. Weekly Departures.

All shipments have a minimum of 100 cubic feet. Add on $25 documentation Fee.

Rates below include placement of cartons, if you need unpacking of cartons add extra $1.00 per cubic foot, min $100.

Does not include any customs inspection, x ray or rent and demurrage charges that might result.

Mainland Only, No Islands
Ocean Only: $1.50 / cubic foot

Rates include receiving Charleston, loading, ocean freight, customs clearance, THC and delivery into ground floor normal access residence including unpacking of furniture and carton placement. Rates listed are per cubic foot.

Country Minimum 100+ CFT 200+ CFT 400+ CFT 600+ CFT Destination Notes
Northern Ireland$595$5.95$5.80$5.70$5.60
Receiving Terminal: 4380 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470

Tel: (843) 628-0537     Fax: 866 896 1482    Email:  exports@eurousa.us

Please Note:
HMRC published a paper on the new Pre-Online process re Transfer of Residence (TOR) UK dated 4th November 2016.

This process has a start date 1st April 2017, and will replace current practices of manual forms C3, C5, C104a. And will require the shipper to make a Pre On-line application prior to shipping.

1. Implementation Date and Process Summary

The Pre Online application process should be completed by any private individual planning to relocate their normal place of residence to the UK. Such an application must be made prior to shipping any consignments of household effects and personal property to the UK. If successful in obtaining TOR relief, the applicant will then be awarded a unique declaration information (ref number) that they or their clearing agent must then present when making the import declaration using the Union customs code entry CPC 40 00 CO1.

However the service appears to still be under construction and development and a general forecast suggested that the site would not be available until December 2016 but could be subject to change. HMRC Customs have advised that as of 1st Jan 2017 only the on-line application process will be available.

2. Goods Covered

Household effects and personal property belonging to natural persons transferring their normal place of residence to the United Kingdom only, and who meet the Transfer of Residence relief. ( Same rules as applied under C3,C5 and C104a applications )

EuroUSA will ship anything delivered into our warehouse. If customs ref number has not been obtained then shipment will be placed in Euro Groups UK customs bonded warehouse with possible bonded storage fees until customs ref nbr is obtained by the shipper.

All rates based on mainland areas with normal access for large moving trucks.

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