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Charleston to Door New Zealand. Via Auckland, NZ

All shipments have a minimum of 100 cubic feet and a $25 documentation Fee. Does not include any customs inspection, x ray or rent and demurrage charges that might result.

Ocean Only to Auckland terminal: $3.00/cu.ft.
Ocean, Customs Clearance & Hand Out Auckland Terminal: $5.00/cu.ft.

Below rates are receiving, loading, ocean freight, customs clearance and delivery into ground floor residence including unpacking of furniture and carton placement for the following areas.

Shipments to New Zealand are subject to possible quarantine inspection charges payable by consignee of approximately NZ $25 / cbm min NZ $210

City Minimum 100+ CFT 200+ CFT 400+ CFT 600+ CFT Destination Notes
Auckland city limits$510 $5.10$4.95$4.75$4.45
Auckland within 100 miles$525 $5.25$5.15$4.95$4.65
Christchurch$760 $7.60$7.50$7.30$7.00
Dunedin$870 $8.70$8.60$8.40$8.10
Hamilton$525 $5.25$5.15$4.95$4.65
Napier$650 $6.50$6.35$6.15$5.85
Nelson$870 $8.70$8.60$8.40$8.10
Palmerston Nth$650 $6.50$6.35$6.15$5.85
Queenstown$870 $8.70$8.65$8.45$8.15
Rotorua$545 $5.45$5.30$5.10$4.80
Tauranga$545 $5.45$5.30$5.10$4.80
Thames$525 $5.25$5.15$4.95$4.65
Wanaka$870 $8.70$8.65$8.45$8.15
Wellington$665 $6.65$6.55$6.35$6.05
Receiving Terminal: 4380 Savannah Hwy, Ravenel, SC 29470

Tel: (843) 628-0537     Fax: 866 896 1482    Email:  exports@eurousa.us

More information available at www.shipeurousa.com

** No Docs, No Load - Packing list, passport and applicable customs forms must be received in order to be loaded.

Loose load shipments up to 100 cubic feet add $75 receiving and loading charge.

Receive loose packed shipment from customer and prep for export $50 / pallet Load, minimum $100 or into new Liftvan $450

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