Thank You! From EuroUSA

As the days get colder and shorter, we get closer to the best day in November — Thanksgiving!  While we all may enjoy it mostly for the food, family gatherings, parades, turkey trots (well.. sort of!) and football, we also reflect on how fortunate and thankful we are for our blessings.

From the EuroUSA team,
Thank You for your business and friendship over the years!
Gobble Gobble. Turkey Dinner fun…
An average thanksgiving meal is 3,000 calories
A typical 160lbs person would have to walk for 30 miles to burn off those calories!

Pecan Pie packs the biggest calorie count, because of the sugar and pecans’ fat content.  (So you can have 2 pieces of pumpkin pie instead! Yum!)

Trick to tell if your fresh cranberries are ready to cook: throw one on the ground, if it bounces it is ripe.  If it makes a mess, don’t blame us!  (we like canned cranberries the best anyhow!)

Trytophan, the chemical in turkey that makes you sleepy, may not be the culprit.  More likely reasons are alcohol and carb-overload!

What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert?  Peach gobbler!

83 New Receiving Terminals!

83 New Receiving Terminals!
Now, in every major US city, you can drive across town, drop the shipment off at our terminal, and we can ship to door anywhere in Europe – for one, all-inclusive rate!


EuroUSA is excited to announce a new service option, that makes shipping to Europe easier than ever!  Just drive across town to drop off your packed shipment at our receiving terminal! 


With the help of Rate Mate, you can easily get an all-inclusive rate, from dropping off at our in-town terminal, through to door delivery anywhere in Europe!  No need to calculate trucking plus ocean and delivery.  We make it easy and affordable.

EuroUSA Weekly Service to the UK & Europe
Our weekly service to Europe and the UK is offered from Charleston, South Carolina.  We also offer bi-weekly service from our West Coast terminal to the UK and Europe.
We also have regular services from the East and West coast terminals to Australia and New Zealand.  Look out for the all-inclusive rates from the 83 terminals to Australia and New Zealand
use our “Rate Mate” rate calculator, our pal will calculate the total rate for you 24/7!

Confessions Of A Lift Van

Confessions Of A Lift Van


“It’s Hard Work Being This Wood”

I start my day as a humble empty lift van, just another crate in a warehouse!  But low and behold, today is my lucky day- I’ve been chosen to move a VIP customer from Chicago to London via EuroUSA’s weekly service to the UK and Europe!

The origin agent has made a booking, totally online using


  • The customer’s goods are all neatly packed and loaded inside my walls.  Detailed EuroUSA Labels have been emailed to us and attached to my sides- no way I am getting lost now!
  • Trucking has been arranged for me by EuroUSA.  How easy was that?   Click here for our trucking rates from each continental state to our east and west-coast terminals.
  • I’m collected on Thursday, and arrive in Charleston first thing on Monday.  Just in time.  EuroUSA sends at least one groupage container from Charleston to the UK for delivery across Europe each and every week!  Freight that arrives by Monday makes our same-week loading cut off.  Stephanie, the Operations Manager, has me on the load list- it’s go time!
  • I’m loaded into the 40ft HC groupage container. We book on Hyundai.  The typical cut off for our groupage box to be back at the Charleston port, Wando Terminal, is Thursday.  The vessel sails 2 days after. 

  • I meet the cut off date ahead of time, and am loaded onto the ship. Off we go!
  • After 14 days on the water and a quick stop at Rotterdam, I arrive at Felixstowe in England.
  • The EuroGroup (the UK office) quickly contacts Port Customs and asks for permission to collect the groupage container and truck it, under bond, to the bonded warehouse nearby in Mildenhall.  It’s about a 1-hour drive, 85km or 55 miles.
  • In just a couple of days I’ve been picked up from the port, trucked to the warehouse, unloaded, and cleared through customs.  That was easy!
  • The customer has been contacted and a delivery date is set- not long now!  We aim to set a delivery within an average of 2-weeks, this varies due to truck schedules and routes, but we operate one of the largest fleets in Europe!
  • I heard that all the boxes were delivered quickly and safely, by one of The EuroGroup’s truck crews.  I read a newsletter about one of their drivers, they are the best in the biz!


Did You Know…

You can track your shipment in real time, right on our website!

Visit and enter ANY container number or your EuroUSA booking number, and you can track your shipment.

Keep on Trucking with Derek

Keep On Truckin’

Derek, a veteran driver for our UK office, The EuroGroup, takes us on a tour of his truck and its technology.

DerekPolaroidWhen Derek heads out on his 3 week trip around Europe, he isn’t without help.  His porter (his son!), work with the office to figure out the most efficient route to take and the best way to load the truck.

Once the office sets up the route, Derek uses his Snooper S7000 sat nav (GPS for us Yanks) to guide him around Europe.  “It’s built and programmed especially for trucks and is by far the best system available” he says. Derek also uses the company tom-tom for the tracking and messaging features to check in with the office.

Why are European trucks a different style than American trucks?

derektruck3spaceWell, partly because European laws measure a truck as including the cab and the trailer, whereas in the US the measurement excludes the cab.  To allow for a longer trailer, most European trucks are built with a cab-over-engine design.

Pain @ The Pump painatpump

Derek’s truck holds about 155 gallons (600 liters) of diesel fuel, plus 25 gallons (100 liters) of Adblue, a chemical that is added to help improve exhaust emissions. With the average price of diesel in Europe being  E1.42 euros per litre, (that’s over $7 a gallon!) a fuel fill up costs over 850 Euros, or $1,100 dollars!

Delivering Service throughout Europe. EuroUSA.

 When you ship from the USA to Europe with EuroUSA, you receive top service and the best all-inclusive rates to countries all across Europe.

Our rates are listed online, right on our website for 24/7 access no username or password required.  See Our Rates Here




Driving with Derek

Driving with Derek.

Meet Derek, a veteran driver for our UK office, The EuroGroup.

When we send shipments from the USA to the UK or Europe, one of our experienced and professional drivers from our UK office will deliver the customers’ belongings.  We had the opportunity to follow one of our top drivers, Derek, and see what it’s like, through his eyes.

Derek has had his Class One license since 1994. He doesn’t work alone — Like all of our drivers, he works with a porter.  Derek’s porter has an extra incentive to do a stellar job- Derek’s porter is his son! Both enjoy the excitement of traveling around Europe and running their show without having someone on their back.  They know their job and the UK office lets them get on with it!
A Typical Trip for Derek and his son starts early, with an 80 mile drive to the office in Suffolk.  He doesn’t mind the long commute- it’s only about once a month as he is out on the road for 3 weeks at a time!
Derek says he may drive 500-600km per day (about 350 miles). A typical trip may start by driving to Dover, where he’ll catch the ferry or Channel Tunnel train across to Paris with time to make a delivery the same day.  The next day he estimates making 4 or so more deliveries around Paris.  They wake up early, typically between 4-6am.
His delivery route may then take him to Lyons, France, and then through the Mont Blanc tunnel in the Alps, to Italy: Turin, Milan, Piacenza, and Rome. “Then I always end up in Naples, where we service the British military personnel,” says Derek.
Or, the truck crew may start on a ‘northern route’ and start their trip crossing via ferry from Harwich, England over to Hoek van Holland, Netherlands. Next on the route Germany, then a diagonal trip across to Italy via one of Derek’s favorite routes – the Brenner Passderektruck2.